Practice Areas

We provide a wide range of legal services, mainly supporting services for small to medium sized enterprises and venture companies.

General corporate

Regardless the size of the corporation, we provide professional advice to those daily legal matters that the corporations may have.

  • Drafting contract/terms of users for new service
  • Legal advice for domestic and cross border transaction and negotiation
  • Dispute resolution
  • Debt collection
  • Matters regarding to financing and listing preparation M&A
  • IP cases (Advisory work for Entertainment business, Patent and advisory work for Branding)
  • Real estate cases (Advisory work for real-estate business, Dealing with troubles regarding to immovable assets transactions)

Advisory work for startup companies

We provide support for startup companies which are at the incorporation stage or/and companies just established, to smoothly start and expand their businesses, such as selection of legal entity, institution design, early establishment of funds, etc.,

  • Providing advice for selection of legal entity and institution designing
  • Providing advice for application of subsidies

Legal services for non profit corporations

Our attorney who is versed in its operation provides professional advice to non profit corporations.

Bankruptcy / Corporate reorganisation

We handle variety of works for those businesses are in slump, such as giving advices regarding the merits and demerits of legal inheritances, and its procedural works.

Succession of business / Inheritance

We advise the management of companies, who wish to succeed businesses for reasons such as age etc., about the method for selection of business successors and preparations in advance. We also support specific procedures regarding the point of those successions. For customers who are not limited to corporations but also individuals that are thinking about conflict prevention of their heirs and tax reduction measures regarding their heritage, we advise the best solution in collaboration with tax accountants and judicial scrivener.

IT / Internet cases

Franchise contract

Litigation and mediation

General Civil law cases ( Legal consult from individuals)